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On this site you will find some of the finest and professionally serviced vintage timepieces.  You will perceive that my specialties are vintage Omega, Longines, and Rolex.  I only focus on these three brands in order to build better knowledge and understanding behind each brand.  I believe that to professionally answer my client's questions, it is utmost imperative for I to intuitively distinguish the products that I am selling. 

I am a knowledgeable and serious collector with a watch making background.

Therefore, the timepieces listed on the site are expertly and thoroughly examined internally and externally. Every timepiece on this site has been professionally serviced. 

It is easy to spot a fake watch by looking at it from the exterior.  However, spotting a "married watch"becomes a challenge for many including experts.  A married watch is a timepiece that is genuine, hence, the mechanism and the case do not belong to one another.  The simplest example would be an Omega Constellation carrying a 562 caliber, when the caliber should be a 561 or 564.  I guarantee that the watches on this site are 100% authentic and correct. Buy with confidence!  

All watches available on this site will come with their factory original finish dial.

Movement has been serviced and regulated.  Case has been cleaned externally and internally.  If the case takes a case back gasket, it will also be replaced with a brand new one prior to listing.  The leather strap on each timepiece is brand new unless stated in the description.


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